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My biggest desire is that you'd be here
I'd hold you tight without a fear.
A dream that becomes a little more realistic every year.
If I could, I'd whisper in your ear;
"I love you, more than over nine thousand."
Because that's how many miles it'd take, threw the sea and threw the land
I'll never stop trying.
And I promise I'm not lying.
When I say "I'd rather have you then ∞ pies!"
And I want you to recognize
That, I will forever be by your side.
Till the end of the ride.
And that I will always understand you,
I'll always accept you.
What I wish,
Is that we could just have are first kiss.
Maybe more, if I'm lucky.
But guess what?
If this happens in only 5 years, just our luck.
At least it's not "never".
Besides, I'll be in your heart forever.
Because I can.
Here's to you, Joa.
I know you already saw it.
But yeah.
Hope you don't mind if I publish it. .o.
rulion95 Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2011
hehe i dont mind lili ^^ i love it that you do actually and i love you
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July 26, 2011
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